Mega Model Hunt
The fashion modeling has known to have started in mid-nineteenth century. Initially the models were used to show clothes of various designers. Marie vernet, a sale assistant married to a dress maker is consider as the first known fashion model. At the beginning of twentieth century, Lady Duff Gordon owner of a dress making establishment has started employing women of poor origin as fashion models after grooming and training them well. She transformed the showroom into a little theatre and used background live music for the first time. In due course of time some models became celebrities. In spite of their fame, models were not much respected in the society since mannequins were considered menials.

    The above scenario started to change around 1924, when Jean Paton in order to enhance his sales in America, carefully selected white US Woman to model his clothes. This selling strategy imbued models with a new significance. This elevated the status of modeling and contributed to make it into a socially acceptable profession. The opening of first Model Agency in US and London reinforced the acceptability and attracted socialites to the profession through modeling schools, which also aimed teach debutantes social skills and beauty trick.

    In 1947, the Christian Dior, launched “The New Look” in his Paris salon and set fashion back into extra valance and away from practically. The Dior’s style identified itself with wealth. In 1954 channel presented “Total Look” a combination of innovative design and a relaxed attitude that evoked leisure and was clearly different from Dior’s Style.
Mega Model Hunt

   Then came an era of ready-to-wear garments, which was based on standard sizes. The made to measure clothes were replaced by made to wear mass productions and it generated the requirement to models, thus initiating the process of the homogeneity of the total ideal body type. Over a period of time modeling began to the equated with business. Models and photographers became the new elite beautiful people as well as heroes of several celebrated films, thereafter the modeling became a full fledged business and grew manifold. Today, it has become a business and a profession with passion. Thus segment has became a respectful in the society and being viewed very positively. It has very bright future and likely grew further. The Mega Model Hunt invites you to await this opportunity and platform to fulfill your aspiration of being a model.

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