Fashion Is a way of expressing yourself

Fashion is a word that can be used in many contexts. Sometimes it is called the manner of performing various activities while it can also be defined as the way one expresses themselves. Well whatever the definition may be, fashion is a part of everyone’s life and we deal with it every day. Starting right from what we wear to how we act and behave around others defines our fashion. Some people might say they have nothing to do with fashion, but this can be stated only when they doesn’t know what fashion actually is. For some, fashion is limited just to outwear. This is actually a wrong concept. Fashion is indeed a broader concept that defines a lot about a person. It is often said that the dress code says a lot about yourself. But its not just the dress code, a person or a human being to be more precise is a very complex machine to be understood well by just the dress code. Things like how they speak, in what manner do they interact with peers and the way they perform several activities put forth a definition for them. This in turn can be defined as what we refer to as fashion. So, it is more of a way of expressing yourself.

The way people take up different manners and they walk the fashion ramp of the world all along their day defines what they are like. So, one must take care of what sort of fashion they take up and how they represent themselves to the world. This is important because this is perhaps the only way how world interprets you as a person. Now this might conflict with some people’s mentality that success and social status largely defines a person and that is what is the most important factor in deciding how a person would be interpreted and recognised in a society. But is quite surprising that without maintaining a classy look and attitude, even a billionaire wont be respected by heart. The respect might only come up because the size of the bank accounts they hold, but it would never because of that person. Such a personality can’t be called a valuable one as if it gets respect and it honoured because of financial power, it wont be paid any heed to if the riches are gone.

So, largely it is your fashion that defines you. So, get into better fashion and express yourself better.

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