Mega Model Hunt
The business in the world of modelling fluctuates between two extremes i.e. from soaring high to low. Each casting may end up gaining something or rejection, but never mind it is the part of the process and it happens almost in every business. As a young aspiring model it is very important to know the fundamentals of modeling. So that one can also make a self-assessment and will know where to start. Some of the fundamentals of modeling are described in subsequent pares.

The modelling profession is very challenging. Though there is no formal qualification to get into an agency but the single most important attribute is self-confidence, without which nothing can move in the modeling world. Either one has it or does not have. However it can be inculcated through experiences (may be good or bad). There are certain physical requirements one must look into these; for girls one needs to be around 173 cm height and for boys 180 cm is generally adequate. If you want to become top model in India, then all aspiring models must have flawless skin, well-proportioned body frame and need to be photogenic.

Agencies often scout for potential models, but one has to be careful of the scams in this field. If one is approached by an agency or individual, feel complimented but be careful about the proceedings that follow. Try and find out exact location of the agency or scout and keep your friends and family involved as a precautionary measure. Keep your all movements informed to your family. Do not go to photographers directly for expensive photography. A couple of simple snapshots should be enough for an agency to make and initial assessment. Try and see number of agencies and model grooming centre in India to ensure that you get in touch with the right type of agency corresponding to your field of modeling. Don’t ever feel pressurized; ask any question you like because it is a serious profession. One should take the visits to agencies seriously and prepare well for the same.
Mega Model Hunt

Many agencies take the aspirants on trial for a period of three months. If you are offered a contract, don’t sign it immediately, take home the document, read and understand each term and condition.  You may consult some expert on the subject and do not get carried away in an excitement. If you have signed a contract to be exclusively for one agency and then do not go around looking for work with others, it becomes very unprofessional, and it may end up in being blacklisted due to violating the business code of conduct.

Whenever you join an agency you will be fresher there. One will have to work very hard to start getting the work. You have to organize yourself professionally, and start getting yourself introduced to clients. It may take near about six months or so to start getting the work. You must have a suitable portfolio (booklet having a set of photographs in different styles and moods). It acts as a sales brochure to the clients and a most valuable possession for you. The portfolio will reflect the kind of work you do or the kind of work you want to do. The right look and personality are essential aspects coupled with determination and drive will see you through on your journey to world of modeling. The MegaModel Hunt will not only offer you an opportunity but will also guide you to reach your destination of ethical modeling.

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