The casting calls are pre-cursors for getting modeling work. These must be handled very carefully. In most of the cases person in charge for conducting such activities could be a Modeling Agency or Model Management companies in India, Model Broker from a magazine, an in house Casting Director form a Corporation, An Art Direction, the Photographer. It could be single person or a group of such people. The modeling aspirants must handle these calls very diligently. Here are a few tips for handling casting calls:-

     I.             Ask your agent for as much information about the client as possible. Check out if other models you know have worked for the client. Must find out who is making the casting decision and then approach them with due respect and grace. Start the conversation in a very graceful manner.

   II.              Always dress up appropriately for the call. In case there is a particular style of the dress required then must meet the requirement. If by any chance, you do not have that then wear a neat and clean form fitting clothes. You should be in style but you don’t need to necessarily wear expensive clothes. Do not hesitate to ask your agent/ Broker about the dress for the call.

 III.       Be always on time. Late arrivals amount to being rude. In case due to any unavoidable circumstances you are getting late, the concerned individual may be informed.  Try to be in time and do not offer travel excuses these sound very silly.

 IV.           One must come with clear face or very little make up. Your hair must be cleaned but not styled excessively.

   V.           The aim should be dazzle and give impression that you are a professional and enjoys working. Be polite and genuinely friendly, don’t overdo it with insincere compliments.

 VI.             Be confident. You must have to go through many calls before you selected. In the face of probable rejection, you need to keep going with a smile on your face. Self-confidence is contagious. Lack of self-confidence becomes very evident; therefore one has no choice but to be confident.

VII.          Communicate well with the people who are doing casting. It is likely that they are very hurried and under pressure to find a suitable model for the intended job. Ensure that you have number of copies of your composite card readily available to you.

There are a few guidelines for attending the casting calls which is an important activity. Mega Model Hunt invites you for your association with an aim to guide and groom you in an ethical and systematic manner on your path to the world of Modeling and Glamour.

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