How should the diet chart of a model look like?

There are still some people who believe that a proper diet that would propagate your figure towards the fittest one is cutting off calories and fats from it. This is a very wrong concept though. Before planning on any kind of diet, one should be keen on including all the essential nutrients in it. It should always be remembered that the goal of a better diet is to get proper nutrients in the body so as to make it look and work better. This never implies that one must exclude any fats or other such elements. One should rather try to check over intake of them.  

·         It's not how many calories you eat, but how you eat them.

One need not decide the diet plan based on what amount of calories that is being given to the body. It should rather be done on the basis of seasonality, alkalinity and most importantly on food combination. A proper food combination helps in better digestion.

·         Your meals should start light, and get heavier as the day goes on and vice versa for the second half.

One should be taking light weight meals in the morning. Just some warm water lemon followed by some soup or a smoothie is fine for the breakfast. This boosts the alkalinity of the body and thus prepares it for the day.

·         Stay hydrated—just not at mealtimes.

Water makes up the major part of the body and thus one needs to stay hydrated all the time, not just during eating. Proper hydration provided to the body lets it energize and is also good for a better skin. One should however try drinking less water during meals as this might flush away the enzymes in your mouth and food pipe.

·         Stay away from bloat offenders:

It has become more of a habit of many these days to grasp a bottle of some carbonated cold drinks. This should never be a part of your habits if you have modelling plans. More intake of carbonated drinks makes you gassy and can cause a lot of acidity problems which can destroy all your diet plans.

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