How Well Can You Predict Your Modelling Career?

Every career should be entered into with a plan and specific goals in mind. This helps you stay focused, on track and moving in the right direction on your career path. For models, having specific goals in mind for your future will help you and your agent be clearer on the jobs you should take to help you reach these goals. Keep in mind, your agent also has the tough job of being honest with you about these goals and if they are feasible for your modelling career.
If you have set goals that your agent doesn’t deem reasonable, they will help you re-evaluate them to create a more realistic list. There is a market for ALL types of models, but not all models can do all kinds of modelling. 
Here are specific goals you can begin to map out and get clear on for your modelling career and how to track them to guide your career in the right direction. 

Determine Your "Look"
While, “I want to be a model,” is a place to start, you should get more specific about the type of modelling and work you’d like to do, and more specifically, what you'll be able to do. Perhaps you have always wanted to be a top fashion model, but your "look" is more commercial in nature. Do your research on the different industries and figure out which one you’re best suited for and include it in your goal-setting. This is an especially important goal to discuss with your agent as it significantly affects the type of jobs you'd be taking.

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Places You Would Like to Work
If you want to be a swimwear model, perhaps you have certain exotic locales in mind for beach shoots. Or, if you want to be a fashion model, you might be dreaming of walking in runway shows during Paris Fashion Week. Considering these goals and tracking them will help you stay focused and keep you motivated to work towards them.

Many people recommend visualization techniques for reaching goals, and imagining yourself modelling designer swimwear on a beautiful beach sounds like a pretty great time!

Get Lots of Exposure
Getting your photos seen by as many people as possible is essential in the competitive modelling business.  The more you are seen by modelling agencies and clients the more opportunities you will have to get signed and book more jobs.  The best place to be seen quickly by legitimate modelling agencies is

Sign With a Great Agency
To achieve your modelling goals you will need the help of a knowledgeable and experienced agent by your side. Your agent will help you get jobs, manage your bookings, negotiate your pay, give you invaluable advice and modelling insight, as well as many other important tasks. If you share your modelling goals with your agent, they will give you a realistic picture of what your modelling future entails and which goals need to be adjusted as well as the best ways to achieve them.

Now that you have some goals in mind, the next step is to record them in an easily accessible place. Perhaps as a list on your fridge, hanging on your bathroom mirror, or typed on your computer – anywhere you can quickly get at them to re-read them. Constant reminders of your goals will encourage you to make decisions that will keep you moving towards them and eventually achieving them.

Reminding yourself why you set these objectives in the first place is another important tactic for achieving goals. Along with your list of goals, write a list of WHY those are your goals and what achieving them would mean to you. Maybe a modelling career means freedom to you – freedom to travel and to always work in different places and manage your time differently than a 9-5 job.

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