I Don’t Do Fashion I am Fashion

Fashion isn’t really something to pursue or to get into as a trend. Its more of something to be adopted. It is something that is the essence of one’s own personality. Everyone is thus a fashion in themselves. The great phase, I Don’t do fashion I am fashion thus holds a great meaning behind it and an awesome message to deliver. This phrase originally stated by Coco Chanel, the grandmother of Chic has a lot to say between its lines. Though fashion being a concept has had the same definition ever since its existence, the mind set and approach of people towards it has always been different. Earlier only the elite classes were believed to be meant for fashion and they used to explore various luxuries and styles of outwears. This is how fashion was used to define earlier. One can definitely argue that it was more of a mind set and less of a concept. With the development of community and people’s point of view on what fashion is and can be, it has become more independent of one’s social and financial status. So, this statement can be said to be even more righteous today than it has been ever before.

These days there are many opportunities for people to adopt their fashion. Fashion is more of how a person lives his life. The way he does several activities ultimately defines what sort of fashion he is. Even today most people misunderstand fashion as a career and modelling the only way to pursue fashion. However, modelling is a much better way to get in some real time fashion trends. There are special modelling schools that train people on pursuing fashion and making it a part of life rather than just limiting it to your outwear. The concept of limiting fashion just to outwear as how most people used to define it can be distorted in just a single blow. Its that if a model is a model because he is fashionable and he is fashionable because of his outwear, definitely he is not a model without them. But this is just not true. So, modelling and fashion are concepts that are way beyond just the outfits and are much related to how well one organizes oneself and carries out several activities.

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