Mega Model Hunt
One never believed that fashion studies with ever gain academic respect like the other sciences and humanities. As a whole fashion is starting to become a respected discipline, especially as it becomes inter and cross disciplinary, and people are studying it from different prospective e.g. Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Marketing, etc. Fashion shows in India n Style has been thought of as the domain of women and viewed as frivolous and vain. Whereas historical perspective indicates that Fashion n Styles dress was part of male repertoire for centuries.

Fashion n Style alongside films, drama, art and design is our culture’s mode of expressing itself. Fashion offers us something to project our identity, and over years it helps to build an individual’s as well as community’s life story. It is for this reason the fashion has become an important discipline. Fashion is an essential part of human living conditions. It surrounds us so much that it is impossible to escape its effects.

Mega Model HuntWe are at a very exciting time in fashion n style culture. There are so many styles around and all of these go with various types of environment. Mega Model Hunt will facilitate Identification of new fashion model faces groom and guide them on the path of success in fashion world. In times to come fashion n styles are becoming extremely diversified and will continue to grow In multidimensional manner. Besides profession, it also symbolizes status and power.

The role of fashion model is very important. The model faces are not only the human faces but are representatives of brands in campaigns, a segment of society, commercial, ads etc. Therefore the fashion Model has to groom him/her very well and project the personality in a most positive manner since it will have commercial as well as social impact. Fashion modeling is not only a physical perfection but a representation of wholesome personality. Mega Model Hunt will help the aspirants to steer through this path. Style is very critical to fashion. To have a style is to possess a differentiating and enviable presence. It is a superadded, rare, desired quantity that assists in achieving a touch of elegance that is where Mega Model Hunt will step in to achieve that goal. SO DON’T MISS A DATE WITH ‘’MEGA MODEL HUNT’’

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