Not Photogenic? Well This is what you need to do

Are you into a modelling or aspirant to become one? Well what could stop you if you have enough passion that can drive you to the heights of success? Nothing is difficult if one is well-driven by passion towards the goals that he/she wants to achieve. The same holds true for modelling too. But most cases aren’t the same and this again is another thing that most people consider one needs to have to become a model. Yes, the best of your looks. Some people often complain of not being photogenic enough in order to get an attractive portfolio made that can act as a gate opener to the world of modelling. There are certain techniques that needs to be kept in mind for getting the best photo shoots.

Right pose and right mood:
It is well said that a photo says a lot about you and what kind of mood you are in. This cannot be judged that perfect in real time as it can be done from photos. So, one needs to take care of being a jolly and overall good mood in order to get the best of the photo shoots. One should smile a little if it is a casual photo or give a good look if the photo walks through seductive lines.

Following the nose:
Most people who are new to the field of modelling often prefer to look straight into the camera. This is wrong conception. Looking straight to the camera lessens the amount of light that needs to be seen coming out from the eyes. When a snap of a person looking elsewhere other than the camera is taken, it tells about his actions rather than witnessing his attention. And its quite obvious that action is more attractive than attention. One should thus rather try looking at the direction of the nose.

Bounce the Shoulders:
Most amature models try getting the best of the photos but try doing it with normal poses, the ones that are given for taking a professional photograph while applying for a passport. However, this is not how one can get through the best photo sessions and get the best photos clicked. For better photos one needs to play a bit with the shoulders. Keeping one shoulder lower than another is also a way that adds a bit of funkiness to your photos and makes you look attractive.

Move a bit; Don’t freeze:
One should move a bit if required. If you are not photogenic enough, consider moving in your photos. That would hide whatever attributes aren’t looking good and ultimately you would look better in photos.

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